Toilet Repair & Replacement

Toilet Repair & Replacement. It is a huge inconvenience when any of our home appliances suddenly stop working. You can especially see the problem when the toilet starts acting up. Such an essential overflowing, causing damage, or just becoming inoperable is incredibly stressful to live with. You have the trusted professional plumbers here to help you with toilet repairs.

Toilet Repair & Replacement

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Red Fin Plumbing Company is dedicated to helping every client with their plumbing repair and installation needs. If you find you are unsure about completing a repair, give us a call. Our team of expert plumbers can help you get your toilet back in running order. Our plumbers can help you diagnose any issue!

Common Toilet Problems and Causes

Running Toilet

We have all been there: going about our day when suddenly we hear the toilet begin to run. This is a common problem, and there are several reasons it may be occurring.

For instance, this could be a sign of a dirty or worn flapper. The flapper is the seal on the toilet tank’s flush valve. It controls the volume of water released into the bowl. If this seal is not tight around the valve, water will continuously run from the tank to the bowl. Luckily, replacing the flapper is a straightforward process, and these parts can be found at most local hardware stores for a few dollars. 

There are a few other reasons your toilet could be running. If replacing the flapper does not fix the issue, then you might need to adjust the float or replace the fill valve. If you have difficulty determining the problem, call in the professionals. For expert help in resolving this issue, give Red Fin Plumbing a call!

Tank Filling Slowly or Not Filling 

Another common issue you might experience with your toilet is a slow filling of the tank. When this happens, the likely cause is debris build-up in the valve body, water supply line, or shut off valve. 

If your toilet tank is slow to fill, or not filling at all, flushing out the water-line might be the answer. Keep in mind that the fill valve may also need replacement. Valves are fairly durable elements; however, do wear down over time and need replacing about every seven years.

Should either of these solutions fail to fix the problem, it might be time to call a professional plumber for a complete diagnosis. For any repairs you make to your toilet, always remember to turn off the water supply line.

Flush Handle Isn’t Working

Several problems could cause issues with a toilet’s flush handle. For instance, it might be an indication that the flapper is warped. You can check to see if this is an issue by lifting the tank lid and checking the flapper’s seal around the flush valve at the bottom of the tank.

If it seems to be adequately sealed, check the flapper’s chain length, and make sure it is tight enough to lift when you push the flush lever down. However, make sure you don’t shorten it too much as this will keep the flapper lifted, and your toilet will continuously run.

Should the problem persist, then another potential issue is that the overflow tube is cracked or ineffective. To get help fixing this problem, consider hiring a professional plumber.

Toilet Removal and Installation

Toilet Repair & Replacement.

Toilet Repair & Replacement.

Surprisingly, the way a toilet functions is very simple. As a result, an entire toilet will not often need replacing. But there are a few problems that indicate the need for a complete overhaul. If it has cracks, wobbles, or is over thirty years old, you will want to consider a replacement.

Before beginning the task of removing the toilet, we always turn off the water lines from the toilet to the wall. After these have been shut off, you can unbolt the tank from the bowl. Once the tank is loosened, lift it off of the bowl stand and place it somewhere out of the way. Following this, you can unbolt the toilet and break its seal on the floor. After that, the toilet can be lifted off the floor. Finally, we remove the old wax seal and any caulk from the flange- a plastic ring that seals the toilet bowl to the floor. We make sure to plug the drain hole if not immediately installing a new toilet.

When installing a new toilet, we begin by placing a new wax seal around the flange and following the above steps in reverse order. Before turning the water line back on, we always make sure that bolts and seals are tight.

When in Doubt, Call a Professional!

If you have any concerns about completing repairs yourself, it is best to contact a professional plumber. For those who are not familiar with plumbing basics, the same is recommended for the removal and installation of a toilet.

Toilet Repair & Replacement.

Hire a professional for Toilet Repair & Replacement.

Red Fin Plumbing Company takes pride in serving every client with the utmost integrity. We provide our customers with the best service, we and guarantee your satisfaction. In addition to toilet repair and replacement, our company offers a wide variety of other services. These include repair and replacement for drains, faucets, and water heaters. 

We have yet to find a plumbing problem we have not been able to fix. For more information about our services, visit our website. You can also call us at (346) 800-5795  to schedule an appointment! For professional plumbing service that you can count on, give us a call today.

We Specialize In the Following:

  • Plumbing Repair: From leaky faucets to clogged drains, if it's broken, we can fix it.
  • Re-Piping: We can replace any damaged pipes, stopping leaks in their tracks.
  • Sewer Line Repair: No matter the damage, we will fix your sewer line for your peace of mind.
  • Water Heater Replacement: Let us replace that old water heater, so you can enjoy hot water!
  • Tankless Water Heaters: We can help you select and install the right one for your needs.
  • And More: Just ask us if you need help on any additional plumbing projects.

The minute your plumbing starts to act up, do not wait to call our team at Red Fin Plumbing Co. As you know, things can get messy fast. That is why we will answer your call and come to your aid at a moment's notice. Before you know it, you'll have hot water, flowing water, and an unplugged toilet once again! Call us to hire our team.



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