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Water Heater Experts

Redfin Plumbing is the premier plumbing service in Houston, TX. Water heaters are vital to a functioning home. You might be tempted to fix your water heater on your own, but attempting to repair your water heater on your own could cost you thousands.

Even worse, fixing your water heater on your own could lead to serious physical injury and harm. Toxic chemicals, high-voltage electricity, and flammable gas lines are integral components to the functioning of a water heater but handling them on your own increases the risk to your home, health, and life.  If you’re having issues with your water heater, leave it up to us to evaluate and fix the problem. Our professionals have the years and expertise necessary to safely repair or replace your old water heater and carefully install a new one. We place your family’s safety as our top priority.

Gas and Electric Heater Services in Houston, TX

Gas vs. Electric Water Heaters:

Both gas and electric water heaters do the same thing: Heat the water in your home. However, there are many differences in how they operate. Differences between gas and electric water heaters include their power source, parts, installation requirements, performance, and operating costs. It is necessary to approach each water heater component, be it gas or electric, with safety, care, and attention to detail.

Both gas and electric water heaters have their advantages and disadvantages. While the argument over which is better comes down to personal preferences, you certainly need to consider which will work better for you when addressing your water heater problems. For example, both types have vastly different installation requirements. Suppose you’re looking to replace one kind with the other. In that case, you’ll need to factor in the extra cost of converting and accommodating your new water heater.

Gas Installation in Houston, TX

We Repair & Install Gas & Electric Water Heaters

Whether you own a gas or electric water heater, hiring experienced professionals knowledgeable about both kinds is crucial for the best quality repair, replacement, and maintenance. The professionals at Redfin Plumbing possess expert knowledge of both gas and electric water heaters. We are skilled in fixing, replacing, and maintaining both types by addressing their specific needs. We are committed to your water heater, home, and safety.

We Have What It Takes to Solve Your Plumbing Problems