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Natural Gas Experts

At Redfin Plumbing, we take your safety seriously. That’s why we are the most trusted plumbing company in Houston, TX. Gas line repairs are critical, and our team will repair your leaking or damaged gas line with your household’s safety at the forefront of our service. We’re proud to offer expert-level gas line repair and quality customer service. We will listen to your concerns, find the exact problem with your gas line, and fix it quickly and safely. When it comes to gas line repair, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Signs Your Gas Line Needs Repairing

Gas line damages are a hassle, and they can be extremely dangerous if they aren’t repaired immediately. Redfin Plumbing understands the risk damaged gas lines pose to your household, and your safety is our top priority. If your gas line does any of the following, contact us today and get your gas line repaired as soon as possible:

Foul Odor

Are you noticing a stench like rotten eggs lingering in your house? Are you having trouble locating the source of the stink? This type of odor is one of the most obvious signs of gas line damage.

Dead Grass

Dried out and discolored grass is common, but if your grass is dying specifically in the area around your gas line, you should be concerned about possible gas line damage.

Rusted Appliances

Corrosion on your oven, clothes dryer, or any other gas line-powered appliance indicates that your gas line is probably damaged, especially if the connector between the gas line and appliance is corroded.

Technician working on gas line, Houston & Katy, TX

Are You Worried About Gas Line Damage?

Your gas line is essential to your home. Problems with your gas line could pose a severe threat to your well-being. If you suspect your gas line is leaking, damaged, or broken, give Redfin Plumbing a call today for a repair done right the first time. We are the best choice for your gas line repair needs.

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