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Clogged drains are inevitable for homeowners. At some point, you’ll almost certainly need to deal with a clogged drain, be it in your bathroom sink, toilet, shower, or kitchen sink. Debris like hair, soap, and food waste can create a clog over time that makes water drain slowly or not at all.

While this can be a messy problem, an experienced plumber can make unclogging a breeze. Here at RedFin Plumbing Co., we can provide either hydro jetting or snaking to clear out your drain, depending on the extent of the issue and what has clogged your drain.

Below, we’ve gathered some of the main details about these methods. Keep reading to find out what service you may need from our experienced team!

When Should I Use Snaking?

“Snaking” is an aptly named process that involves putting a long, flexible tube down the drain to break up and remove clogs. The snakelike tube is fed into the drain, and the clog is broken up by a combination of twisting, pulling, and pushing. This method is ideal for smaller clogs that can be caught and pulled out. It’s a relatively gentle method of clog removal, so it may work better if you have an older and more delicate plumbing system. However, it’s not as effective in removing absolutely everything that’s stuck in your pipes. A pipe that has been snaked once is likely to have to be snaked again, possibly sooner than you would like, as some of the blockage might be left behind.

When Should I Use Hydro Jetting?

As mentioned above, snaking is a method that works for less complex clogs. When the situation is more dire and the clog more stubborn, hydro jetting may be needed. This is the process by which highly pressurized water is used to clear the clog. From debris like hair and grease to built-up minerals, hydro jetting can clear it all! That means that the results of your unclogging service will last longer, because more debris and contaminants will be removed. Hydro jetting is especially beneficial when you don’t have full access to your pipes. If snaking simply won’t take care of the clog and your plumbing system is new and strong enough to withstand the pressure of hydro jetting, you should consider this service.

How Do I Deal with a Clogged Drain?

At RedFin Plumbing Co., we are equipped with the knowledge and tools to know what method of unclogging will suit your pipes. The best way to know how to handle your clogged drain is to turn to our team for help. We can assess the situation to see if a snake should clear the clog or if we will have to use hydro jetting. We will consider the age and state of your pipes to prevent damage to your plumbing.

If you want to make sure your unclogging is completed promptly, without the use of chemicals, and in an environmentally safe fashion, turn to RedFin Plumbing Co. We can provide snaking or hydro jetting services to get rid of all your annoying clogs!

Why Should I Choose RedFin Plumbing Co.?

RedFin Plumbing Co. is a company that serves clients throughout the Houston, TX area. We provide an extensive list of plumbing services, from routine unclogging to more complex services. We are proud to hold a license with the Texas state plumbing board, giving our clients confidence each time they call us.

Since 2000, we have provided plumbing repair, re-piping, sewer line replacement, tankless water heater services, and other plumbing services for residential and commercial clients alike. We can even assist you with financing more extensive plumbing work so that you can afford the services you need.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and see what we can do for you!