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Even if you haven’t heard the term “water hammer,” you may have heard the sound it makes in your plumbing. “Water hammer” aptly describes the loud banging sound coming from pipes as sudden water pressure hits them. 

Water hammer may be an intimidating term, but this plumbing problem is actually rather common. Addressed swiftly, water hammer can be repaired at an affordable rate, saving you from major plumbing expenses in the future. 

Read on to learn more about water hammer and find out what you should do about it. 


What Is A Water Hammer? 

Normally, pipes are installed with air chambers to absorb the impact of water as it moves through the pipes. If the air chambers aren’t present and the water flowing through your pipes suddenly stops, it can cause a loud noise as it bangs against the pipes. The sound of water repeatedly hitting pipes mimics that of a hammer – so the issue is commonly called “water hammer.” 

In addition to making a loud sound in the pipes, the force of the water can cause the faucet to move. So, if you feel a slight vibration coming from your faucet as you turn it on, this can indicate that your pipes lack air chambers to absorb the impact of high water pressure. 


How Does Water Hammer Affect Your Pipes? 

You may initially notice water hammer because of the annoying noise, but water hammer is more than just an auditory nuisance. Left unaddressed, water hammer can put pressure on your pipes, damaging joints and creating leaks. As the water hits the weakened joints, they can become loose and eventually come undone. So, if you don’t take care of the problem in the early stages, you might be stuck having to make expensive repairs to damaged or ruptured pipes. 

Solving water hammer will take some time and money, but ruptured pipes are far more expensive. It pays to deal with the problem as soon as you notice it! 


What Else Can Water Hammer Cause?

Water hammer doesn’t just damage your pipes and joints; it can lead to damage to your household appliances that use water, like your washing machine and dishwasher. On top of plumbing repairs, you may end up having to repair or replace your home appliances. And just think of all the water from leaks that could turn into mold and rot! 

Pay attention to the sounds your pipes are making so that you can avoid the damage of long-term water hammer. When you notice repeated and persistent water hammer, it’s time to act.


How Is Water Hammer Repaired? 

The best way to resolve your water hammer problems is to call an experienced plumber like RedFin Plumbing Co. There are a few solutions to water hammers that we can provide for you: 

  • Air Chambers: Air chambers absorb the shock of the water as it stops. The pressure is put on the air, rather than on your pipes. We can ensure your pipes have the proper air chambers to stop water hammer.
  • Arrester: Like air chambers, an arrester absorbs the impact of the water in your pipes. Our team can fit any affected pipe with an arrester to stop the water hammer and the damage.
  • Regulator: A regulator controls the water pressure level in your pipes. By installing a regulator, we’ll ensure that the water pressure isn’t high enough to cause water hammer in the first place. 

The best way to find out what option works best for you and your plumbing system is to turn to the team at RedFin Plumbing Co. for an assessment. We can examine your pipes to determine the source of the problem, and we can make recommendations and perform all work necessary to restore your plumbing. 


What Are the Benefits of Calling RedFin Plumbing Co.?

RedFin Plumbing Co. is the residential and commercial plumber trusted by clients throughout Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. We have convenient hours and will work quickly to address and repair your plumbing problems. If water hammer has damaged your pipes, we can provide emergency repairs! 

Call us today to schedule an appointment with a plumbing company that has an extensive knowledge of plumbing codes and requirements. We look forward to making your water hammer problem a thing of the past.